Saul Rosenthal, PhD

Boston Area Health Psychologist

Training, Supervision, Consultation and Workshops

As an experienced teacher and supervisor, I am happy to work with you or your organization on topics including health psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, biofeedback, stress management and technology overuse. I have held leadership positions in training programs, teach advanced seminars, run workshops and work with small groups or one-on-one. For clinicians, I offer training and supervision in a broad range of CBT and health psychology areas, including as a mentor for Board Certification in Biofeedback. I also provide in-service workshops, consultations and talks on topics such as stress management in the workplace, recognizing anxiety in the classroom, using CBT skills at home and managing technology overuse in organizations, schools and at home.

I am available to work with you in a variety of locations, at your convenience. Contact me for further information.