Saul Rosenthal, PhD

Boston Area Health Psychologist

This page is under construction. Resources and links will be added and cleaned up as soon as possible. These are provided for everyone’s use, but are not guaranteed to be helpful for any particular person or situation.

Recorded Exercises


You can play each of these on the web page, or download them by clicking the arrow to the right of the player.

Low and Slow Breathing: This exercise focuses on breathing low in the abdomen. Using your whole lungs is healthier and easier on the body. The recording is about 11 minutes.

Low and Slow Breathing

Mindful Breathing: This exercise, from Inna Khazan’s book, The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback, focuses on observing the breath, however you breathe, without judging or trying to change it. Self judgment can often trigger distress or make it worse. Practicing mindfulness can help reduce anxiety, depression, or pain. This recording is about 9 minutes.

Mindful Breathing

Breath to Sleep: A brief exercise to help relax and slow down the body,

Breathe to Sleep

Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This twelve minute exercise focuses on tightening and relaxing groups of muscles throughout the whole body. It is useful for chronic pain, general relaxation, and slowing down racing thoughts.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Autogenic Relaxation: This focuses the mind on different parts of the body, suggesting that each part calms and relaxes. The recording is nine minutes.

Autogenic Relaxation

Body Scan: Scan the body and encourage it to release stress in this eleven minute recording.

Body Scan

Accept Anxiety: Anxiety is a part of everybody’s life. One tool to help manage the effects of anxiety is acceptance. This nine minute exercise encourages you to accept anxiety as one aspect of your experience.

Accept Anxiety

Mindfulness of Thoughts, Feelings, and Physiological Sensations: This eight-minute exercise is from Inna Khazan’s book, The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback. It helps to transform distressing experiences into neutral experiences that you can observe.

Accept Anxiety

Thoughts on Leaves: This seven-minute meditation, from Inna Khazan’s book, The Clinical Handbook of Biofeedback, helps train the ability to separate yourself from your thoughts, as a way to reduce the negative impact thoughts can have.

Thoughts on Leaves

Hand Warming: This recording is from Erik Peper’s and Katherine H. Gibney’s 2003 article, A teaching strategy for successful hand warming. While it helps to hold on to a thermometer, you may benefit even if you are not monitoring your temperature.

Hand Warming